Laurin, Laurin (1991) Inc created a Telecom division based on our expertise in overhead and underground systems. For close to six years now, Bell has entrusted us with the mandate to repair their underground and overhead cables. The thoroughness and efficiency of our Telecom division have firmly established our company’s positioning in this sector.

Our Areas of Operation

  • Installation of fibre optic and copper communication cables
  • Installation of strands
  • System extension
  • Wooden poles and anchors
  • Overhead and underground cabling
  • Above and underground threading
  • Cleaning of access pits
  • Cable racks
  • Maintenance of underground and overhead structures
  • Work in confined spaces

Our Team Participates in All Project Phases

  • Cost estimation and proposal preparation
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Project management
  • Specialized maintenance and after-sales support

Our Projects

  • Bell Canada: overhead and underground system maintenance – maintenance support for the Laval, North Shore, Laurentides, and Lanaudière regions.
  • Suncor telecom networks in Montréal’s East End.

Our Equipment

Our impressive fleet of trucks equipped with state-of-the-art tools—notably cable placers, hydraulic reel trailers and corner-mounts, and safety equipment—ensure that we provide service that meets the highest standards in telecommunications.