Laurin, Laurin (1991) Inc. has been active in the energy transmission and distribution field for close to 10 years, and specializes in low-, medium-, and high-voltage projects.

  • Installation of wooden poles and anchors
  • Low-, medium-, and high-voltage power lines
  • Medium- and high-voltage power substations
  • Vault substations and pad mounted transformers
  • Installation of temporary lighting and electricity for construction
  • Metering for medium- and high-voltage installations
  • Modification or extension of overhead systems
  • Installation of underground cables
  • Medium-voltage cable heads

Our Team Participates in All Project Phases

  • Cost estimates and proposal preparation
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Project management
  • Specialized maintenance and after-sales support
  • Expert quality consulting with engineers and other professionals
  • Plan design and development according to client needs

Our Projects

  • Temporary 14.4 kV
  • Removal of more than 6,000 wooden poles on medium-voltage network
  • Replacement of several wooden poles on medium-voltage network
  • Addition of two 14.4 kV phase to 12km network
  • Addition and modification on site
  • Modification of overhead instrumentation

Our Equipment

We have the most sophisticated equipment to successfully carry out all projects—specially equipped trucks for installation of cables, auger trucks, winches for removal of underground cables, wheel loaders (backhoe), pole and reel trailers, etc.